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Da 31 permissive tdy Submit DA Form 31 for leave and PTDY approval Permissive tdy da 31through your unit PAC/PSNCO. (Your PAC/PSNCO can advise you on permissive TDY entitlements.) _____ 7. When do .
Who has to approve my DA-31 form if im taking permissive tdy col, commander or first sargent?
HRAP Soldiers return home on permissive TDY for up to 14 days. Soldiers who meet the below criteria may volunteer to participate in HRAP by submitting a DA Form 31 through the .
Military personnel taking permissive temporary duty (TDY) for house hunting must have their leave form, DA Form 31, verified and stamped by the Housing Office, before their .
Who has to approve my DA-31 form if im taking permissive tdy? col, commander or first sargent? 1 year ago; Report Abuse
If the soldier requested Permissive TDY the DA Form 31 needs to be signed by a LTC and the dates that the soldier took PTDY must also be .
CLASS ABSENCE / PASS / LIBERTY / Permissive TDY REQUEST FORM (For Students of School of Medicine) (This form will be used in lieu of Army DA 31, Navy DD Fm 1610, and AF Fm 988.
TYPE OF LEAVE ORDINARY EMERGENCY PERMISSIVE TDY OTHER NUMBER DAYS LEAVE DATES 10. . Provide statement to leave approving authority upon return to duty. REVERSE, DA FORM 31 .
You must indicate on your DA Form 31 that you will be taking Permissive TDY (sometimes you'll have to have a seperate DA Form 31) and when you arrived at your new duty station you .
question about permissive TDY . Check your DA-31 and your orders. Between the two, you should get some idea of where .
type of leave ordinary emergency permissive tdy other number days leave dates 10. . arrived home unit usappc Permissive tdy da 31 v4.00 da form 31, sep 93 edition of 1 aug 75 is obsolete original 1
In block 17 of your DA 31 for PTDY, you must add the following information that

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